Spending Time With Children in Daycare

The typical family runs on a very full schedule. Between work, school and family obligations, there are many demands on a parent's time. It is hard to balance so much, but even the most mundane chores are opportunities to connect with your children. Parents crave these opportunities, and it is vital for a child's development. However, it cannot all be on the parents. There are many other times when children need this, which is especially true for children in daycare.

In daycare, a child can develop quickly. They begin to become socialized, and just being surrounded by other people help them grow. However, it is very important for the social workers to ensure that everyone is involved. Once that does not happen, well, then children begin to be not involved, and negative development can begin to set in. One place that is negative for a child's development is the playground. I think something that helps is to have a unique Robinia playground design. By having a unique playground, that is different, and experiential makes a huge difference, and helps kids feel involved.


In daycare, reading time is also very important. Make sure your child's daily reading time encourages pointing out beginning letters and sounds of your child's favorite characters or pictures. Eventually, your child will be able to tell you what letter "Clifford" begins with, and many other words that also begin with "c".  This is all very exciting as a parent, and your heart will begin (or continue) to melt.


So as you can see, there are many advantages to having your kid in daycare. Everything from physical learning while being on the playground or a customized play structure to having your child learn to socialize and read are all great developmental advantages of daycare.


If you have any more question or just needing some help in the right direction. Just drop me a line. I will see what I can do. Have great day in child care or preschool hunting.

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