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What is alternative medicine? How does it differ from traditional medicine? Basically alternative medicine is any form of medicine that doesn't conform with the scientific principles of western medicine. Western medicine or traditional medicine has long formed the basis for treating any illness. Anything from the common cold to the more complex type of cancer, western medicine has an antidote for it. People have been relying on western medicine to cure their ailments. But in our never ending search to enhance our well being, alternative medicine become more popular with people finding out its benefits. We all have probably heard of the one who cured of their illness because of acupuncture which is a popular form of alternative medicine. Or of those who swear that by taking herbal supplements their lingering illness has been cured. Indeed, alternative medicine has gained roots among certain individuals.

Oriental medicine is a form of alternative medicine that is widely popular. It is may be the only form of alternative medicine that could be compared to conventional medicine base on its system. Oriental medicine is founded on basic theories formed thousands of years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine is a branch of oriental medicine traced back to China. It is the only form of alternative medicine that is generally accepted in the United States. Western medicine is considered alternative while oriental medicine is the recognized standard, for most parts of Asia.

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Massage is another popular form of alternative medicine. It is usually used to alleviate aches and pains and as a form of stress relief. The revival of many health and fitness centers with a specialized service of massage is an indication that indeed this form of alternative medicine is very popular. There are different styles of massage. The more popular one is Swedish massage offered in almost all spas. Other forms are Thai massage, acupressure and reflexology. For those who want to take advantage of the benefits of massage but don't have the time to go to spas, then Optima massage chairs are a good option. These chairs are also very effective in relying your aches and pains and can be enjoyed at the comfort in your home. Now is not that something worth coming home to. There are different settings and functions available on the Optima massage chair that are worth checking out.

There are times when these alternative medicine practices are adapted and used by Western medicine. This normally happens after an alternative medicine practice has been tried, tested and proved to work.

Herbal therapy is fast gaining acceptance in the area of alternative medicine. Although its been suggested that relaying on the dosage given for herbal medicines can be very risky. Herbal medicine has proven its effective in quite a number of instances but putting too much faith in it could also cause some damage. Side effects aren't usually declared on the requirement of herbal medicines, for example. It is very much advisable to consult a certified herbalist to make sure you're getting the right dosage. Homeopathy is another although less popular form of alternative medicine. The theory is that like would cure like. For example caffeine which cause alertness could be used to cure sleeplessness in some persons.

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